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A Workplace Plan for these Uncertain Times

Workplace Services and Coronavirus

With the safety and well-being of employees as their first priority, workplace professionals face another critical question as the coronavirus outbreak plays out around the world: When the pandemic begins to subside, and governments loosen or remove social distancing restrictions, what are the criteria for determining when a business should return to normal and bring their employees back?

Our Graebel teams have been hearing this a lot as we check in with our global workplace clients to offer personalized guidance about the coronavirus situation and related challenges. The answer to the “when” question will vary according to local advisories, individual organizations, regions and industries. But the right answer should also balance a company’s culture, Duty of Care philosophy and business continuity considerations.

First things first, though. What do we recommend regarding short- and longer-term considerations for business owners at this time?

Maintain short-term measures
Here are four basic policies most global organizations have set in motion:

  • Communicate regularly. Consistent, regular communication in the form of video, emails and texts can help reassure employees, customers and suppliers.
  • Stick to the facts. Follow guidance from the World Health OrganizationCenters for Disease Control and Prevention, International SOS, and local health authorities. Where possible, use these expert sources to guide and explain decisions. This can help debunk any misinformation that might cause unnecessary worry or confusion.
  • Flex to address employee and business needs. Review all project scopes, schedules and budgets to determine which ones are key and should proceed, as well as any new projects needed to address this crisis.
  • Continue precautionary measures. Maintain preventative policies to ensure employee safety and business continuity. These include non-essential travel restrictions, work-from-home arrangements and conference cancellations.

Plan for the near term
Employees will be returning to the workplace. Plan now to make this a positive experience with ample evidence and reassurance that the workplace is clean and disinfected. Consider creating a new “feel” for the workplace as well by taking this time to upgrade fixtures, rearrange common areas and implement other visible touches that signify a clean and fresh start.

Plan for the longer-term
How can an organization be stronger than ever following this pandemic? Engage teams to re-define their strategic roles and responsibilities in supporting business imperatives and cross-functional partnerships with Human Resources, Risk Management, Finance & Accounting and other business functions.

With COVID fresh on everyone’s minds, take this “old” guidance from the Centers for Disease Control to heart. Plan now for the next epidemic.

From your friends and colleagues at Graebel Commercial Services, please stay safe and positive.


About the Author

Paul Czerwonka is a Strategic Business Director overseeing Graebel Commercial Services Workplace Services activities. Paul relies on his 20+ years of industry experience and operations background to consult with clients regarding their workplace programs and project services. He has a unique ability to understand the client’s needs and create solid action plans and solutions. In addition to his strategic operational background, Paul’s tactical experience gained during ownership in a Knoll furniture dealership help ensure that his facility management solutions result in success and service excellence that exceed clients’ expectations.

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