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Scott Snead: Why I Believe - A Look Ahead at the Evolving Workplace

A look ahead at the evolving workplace landscape

While local and federal governments are strategizing how to revive their economies and developing plans to reopen offices, companies are wondering how the events of 2020 so far will impact workforce and workplace mobility. Every day, I am speaking with employers around the world and nearly all of them have one thing on their mind:

What does the future of mobility look like?

This pandemic has put a bright spotlight on the importance of the workplace. The atmosphere and culture you foster, the conditions for productivity and teamwork, and now more than ever – the safety of employees. Some companies will adjust their workspaces to save costs and accommodate an employee population that balances working from home and in the office. Others will realize the growing importance of in-person collaboration tools and technology, and the facilities needed to fuel innovation. And all will need to restructure their existing workspaces to meet the latest health and safety guidelines that are constantly evolving.
So, as the world slowly begins to recover, I want you to rest assured Graebel is here to help you navigate the changes and plan for the new normal.
Building on Momentum
I’m confident in Graebel’s future. We’re a sound, healthy business and we have the best team in the global workplace services industry to support your needs. We were fortunate to set ourselves up for success with a strong 2019 and a good start in early 2020. A few of our Q1 accomplishments include:

  • Posting a solid increase in year over year revenue. This was one of our strongest Q1 performances in recent years, indicative of the fundamental strength of our business.
  • Expanding our footprint in EMEA and APAC. We recently opened offices in Munich, Geneva and Bengaluru. Despite COVID-19, the India team’s on-the-fly adjustment ensured a smooth opening of the Bengaluru office and demonstrates our ability to be agile, nimble and flexible — all traits we’ll rely on to guide us through this pandemic.
  • In partnership with our global commercial real estate service partners, we welcomed some worldwide-recognized brands to the Graebel family, including two U.S. financial institutions headquartered in Chicago and Boston, a European mapping technology firm headquartered in Amsterdam, an education publishing and assessment service based in London, and one of the largest construction and engineering organizations in North America. These are names you know, and we’re delighted they’ve entrusted us with their workplace planning and services.

A Look Ahead
Just about every place people work – offices, hospitals, hotels and even homes – already look quite a bit different in a new COVID-19 landscape, and it will continue to evolve. We’re going to continue leveraging Graebel’s strengths as we navigate that new landscape. These strengths include:

  • Our experience. With 70 years of practice weathering challenges in the relocation industry, we know how to manage our business responsibly and maintain stability. We’ve taken steps to ensure our business is healthy to serve you, now and in the future.
  • Our Partner Alliance. Our best-in-the-business partners are optimizing their technology and contactless services to ensure the safety of your employees, while maintaining empathy and sincerity to deliver exceptional customer service when you need it most.
  • Our agility, which is critical to meet the shifting needs of clients and employees alike. Whether creating new services to help employees setup a productive home office, or transforming existing services to help employers create safe work environments as employees return to the office – we will continue to adapt to this new reality.
  • Our team and culture, which continue to receive industry awards and accolades. Our employees remain committed to our duty of care and will go above and beyond to provide exceptional experiences for our clients and partners. 

We’re proud to serve some of the world’s most influential companies critical to the response and recovery of this pandemic. We’re grateful to the healthcare providers for treating the sick. The biological and pharmaceutical companies for developing tests and treatments. The food and materials manufacturers for producing and mobilizing the supplies we need most. And even those that have deviated from their core competencies to join in the fight and support our global community.
Thank you. We’re in this together.

None of us knows what the next few months will bring as markets reopen. However, we do know that having a workplace plan is critical. We’ll need to be nimble and flexible with you and for you. We’re relying on Graebel’s values of truth, love and integrity as a compass to help us — and you — stay on course. I have a deep appreciation for your partnership and look forward to navigating the world ahead together.

And, as you prepare your post-pandemic action plan, check out our COVID-19 site for our helpful resources. Be sure to request your copy of the Graebel Return to Office Playbook.


Scott Snead
President, Graebel Commercial Services