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Patient Care and Comfort Preserved during Johns Hopkins Hospital Relocation

Johns Hopkins’ medical facility in Baltimore expanded its campus with a 1.6 million square foot tower – one of the largest hospital development projects in U.S. history. Moving 60 departments, 1,500 staff members, equipment and nearly 400 patients into the facility required meticulous planning and precise implementation. The project had to be choreographed to the minute to minimize patient and healthcare worker disruption.


  • No disruption of patient care
  • Minimal inconvenience to staff
  • No interruption of hospital’s day-to-day materials and equipment distribution


  • Collaborate with hospital team to prepare detailed timing and routing work plan
  • Move as much material and equipment as possible through hospital’s tunnel system
  • Coordinate storage, delivery and installation of new equipment ordered for the facility


  • Relocation completed ahead of schedule and within budget
  • No performance deficiencies reported
  • Operating Rooms and labs up and running same day of move

Dive into the full hospital relocation story. Click the below link to download the detailed case study.

Download the Case Study.

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