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Exceptional Employee Experiences: Consultant Stories

Going Above and Beyond Expectations

To fulfill our promise to you of providing people-first mobility for Exceptional Experiences requires commitment, dedication, understanding, caring and accountability at every level of your mobile employees’ journeys. Graebel consultants understand the obstacles that mobile employees face and will ensure that your employees’ experiences are smooth and worry-free. They’re ready to help, available, flexible, anticipate issues, solve problems, negotiate and advocate on your employees’ behalf. They thrive in situations where others might cower. They take their jobs seriously, are meticulous in their attention to detail and balance confidence with friendliness and compassion throughout the process.

Here are some examples of consultants who lead with our guiding principles to understand clearly, care deeply and help people grow purposefully in their new lives. They go above and beyond expectations to create Exceptional Experiences every day.


Meet one of our 900+ team members at Graebel, Brooke Marshall. With seven years under her belt, she is now a Relocation Consultant with our US headquarters in Denver, Colorado. Brooke recently assisted a transferee whose spouse was disabled and confined to a wheelchair, which she saw as a great opportunity to gain experience in meeting accessibility needs. Acting as a champion for the couple throughout the process, she ensured they had a smooth transition to wheelchair-friendly housing and access to appropriate transportation.

“Making sure the transferee and his wife were comfortable was a huge priority for me, and knowing we have partners who can address concerns and handle clients with care from beginning to end makes me proud to work with them.”

Brooke Marshall,
US Headquarters, Denver, Colorado



This is Jasmit Kaur. With eight years of experience at Graebel, she is now a Senior International Assignment Consultant with our APAC regional office in Singapore. Jasmit recently helped a family relocate from Australia to Hong Kong with an unexpected challenge when their infant fell ill while traveling. While the family was still in the air, Jasmit arranged for direct transport from the airport to a hospital in Hong Kong once they arrived, and advised the family on how to pay a medical bill in a foreign country.

“The best part about it, besides a healthy baby, was recommending some changes to the employer regarding medical insurance for their people. Helping people is the most fulfilling part of what I do, but improving processes is a real win.”

Jasmit Kaur,
APAC Regional Office, Singapore



Meet Nicole Hromadkova, who has been an International Assignment Consultant with our EMEA regional office in Prague for a year. Nicole recently assisted a U.S. family of four relocating to Vienna, Austria. As both parents were moving for work, the immigration process was long, which allowed her to establish a relationship with the family. She talked to them daily, and they shared photos of key moments during their relocation, like their visa interviews at the Austrian embassy. Nicole also helped them find a home and get settled, and plans to stay connected with them in the future.

“They invited me to visit them in Austria, and they’re coming to see me at my home in Prague. I’m so happy to assist families and develop true friendships when doing it.”

Nicole Hromadkova,
EMEA Regional Office, Prague