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Faces of Graebel: Eunice Chin


The more she learned about the Kolam Ayer Youth Network, a non-profit, community-support organization in Singapore, the more Eunice realized she’d found the perfect collective setting for helping people who are struggling in her community. “There are a lot of young people like me who understand that many elderly people, needy families, students and others are having a difficult time, especially recently,” she explained.  

Eunice first became involved with the group in 2019, when she was invited to participate in their annual Chinese New Year food distribution event. She enjoyed the experience and meeting the other volunteers, so she eagerly signed up to take part in their upcoming activities. Before long, Eunice was an active committee member, coordinating many of the programs. Given her energy and her compassionate spirit, it’s no surprise Eunice recently began serving as vice chair of the committee. 

In 2022, Eunice took part in the group’s leadership program where participants explored innovative strategies to help seniors meet their unique challenges. They discussed how the elderly often feel isolated, especially those who’ve been forced to move to smaller flats in new, unfamiliar locations. The group is now developing programs to coordinate face-to-face check-ins with these senior citizens and even escort them to local events within the community to meet other seniors.  

During the pandemic, the Kolam Ayer Youth Network received official authorization to distribute packages of food and personal care items to isolated, elderly residents. The group embraced this opportunity and Eunice helped coordinate those efforts in her neighborhood while actively participating, too.  

“There’s a lot of similarity between serving assignees and supporting my neighbors,” she pointed out. “We need to understand everyone’s situation – what they’re going through and what they’re facing. Also, the Kolam Ayer Youth Network takes the same approach to communication as we do at Graebel. Active, meaningful interaction leads to trust and, ultimately, a positive relationship and outcome.”   

Eunice’s goal is to continue to grow the Kolam Ayer Youth Network and bring even more young people into the program to improve their corner of the world.   


Getting to know Eunice 

Eunice loves her role as an International Assignment Consultant and the daily opportunities it gives her to provide exceptional experiences for our clients’ mobile employees in the APAC region. “For many people coming from all over the world, adjusting to life here can be stressful. I’m here to alleviate that stress and get them settled quickly and comfortably,” she explained.  

Graebel’s 60-person office in Singapore has been one of our fastest-growing locations. Eunice is a relatively new addition to the team there, having joined us in 2021, but she’s already a highly valued member. 

Her spirit of mindfulness and empathy is also evident in her family life. Eunice lives with, and helps support, her mother, younger sister and 82-year-old grandmother.  

Eunice is passionate about personal fitness. In her very limited free time, you’ll likely find her at the gym.