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Graebel supports IT company with small volume and large needs

The Client

F5 Networks, Inc., Seattle, WA

  • Global technology company and industry leader in Application Delivery Networking
  • Conducts business in more than 100 countries
  • Employs 2,100 people in more than 30 offices worldwide


The Challenge

F5’s Human Resources team did not have sufficient staff or resources to manage the complexities of the 20 international relocations the company required each year. F5 decided to invest in a cost-effective, outsourced solution that could provide customized, high-level service for its U.S. domestic and international assignees.


Project Summary

Quickly put in place a full-service, global relocation program to manage approximately 20 assignments per year.


The Solution

Our consultants proposed that F5 subscribe to the Graebel Express Relocation Services program, which features an a la carte menu of mobility services, allowing the company to customize the components and details of each assignment.

But first things first—F5 did not have formal relocation policies in place. Our consulting team worked with F5 to design a mobility program that was in sync with the company’s culture and needs and was aligned with industry trends and best practices.

F5 was eager to put the arrangement in place, and our Express Relocation Service lived up to its name—contract implementation and program initiation took only five days, including the following steps:

  • Execute a simplified eight-page agreement
  • Set up an expense management payroll
  • Demonstrate and launch the customized globalCONNECT web-based platform for corporate and assignee users
  • Introduce our domestic and international relocation consultants and the related process flows


“F5 Networks, Inc. has continued to expand globally, and we have partnered with Graebel to streamline and standardize our relocation programs as well as ensure they are competitive, cost-effective, and manageable.”

– Nancy Apgood, Director of Human Resources, F5 Networks, Inc.


The Results

With the contract and program in place:

  • F5 was authorized to take advantage of volume discounting from our pre-qualified global relocation service partners
  • Through globalCONNECT, the F5 human resources management team had secure access to reports that captured companywide and individual relocation activity and related costs
  • F5’s relocating employees could access their own globalCONNECT portals to take advantage of reporting tools and obtain detailed information about their relocation status and destination

Shortly thereafter, we successfully carried out an employee relocation to Mumbai, India— a new location for F5.

Our service scope with F5 continued to expand. We now support the company in additional global mobility program areas such as budgeting and activity forecasting. F5 also has chosen to engage us as their sole partner for commercial workplace mobilization.


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