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Preparing Our Talent to Serve Yours: How Graebel’s Certified-Fit℠ Program Raises the Service Bar

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Personalized service is more than a “nice-to-have.” We’ve all come to expect it – from our baristas to our physical trainers.

At Graebel, we’ve been providing our clients personalized service for decades. This requires us to have a clear understanding of what matters to each relocating employee and their family during what could otherwise be a stressful and confusing experience. We don’t take that responsibility lightly. In fact, now we train for it.

The new standard of personalized service is Graebel Certified-Fit℠. I was honored to be on the innovation committee that helped build this offering and I’m proud to say we put a lot of substance behind that product name. Certified-Fit is a rigorous customer service commitment that sets a heightened level of accountability from Graebel team members and service partners.

Here’s how it works…

Certified-Fit Raises the Bar
Under this program, every single client interaction with a Graebel employee or one of our primary service providers is informed, comfortable and efficient. How do we do that? These team members learn all about the company – from their industry to their culture.

We work with participating clients to develop a curriculum that captures all the elements that make them and their talent unique. These training modules are based on the client’s responses to a range of specific questions on their history, industry, markets, products, culture and expectations. Every person at Graebel who engages with that company – from the account manager to all the people behind the scenes – reviews the material and must successfully complete a knowledge evaluation exercise.

The Top Four Reasons Why Certified-Fit Works!
Even as our innovation committee was designing the Certified-Fit program, it struck me that we were really onto something big. And now that we’ve introduced this optional service, it’s even more apparent to me that Certified-Fit is a good fit because:

  1. The best service models are relationship-based, guided by familiarity and a shared vision
  2. We’ve always empowered our team members to be much more than a “vendor” to our clients
  3. Our clients are understandably proud of their brands and they’re very eager to educate us
  4. Our team members are better informed and actually enjoy learning about the global brands of these incredible organizations

The initial feedback from early subscribers has been positive and we’re eager to see how this will be reflected in our clients’ satisfaction scores over time.

The real credit for the program’s success goes to our clients who have invested their time to engage with us through the Certified-Fit approach. Why do they do it?

They do it for their employees, who experience personalized relocation service and support within a framework they’re used to and comfortable with. Their people won’t need to explain their company and their expectations to Graebel. Their assignees will embark on mobility experiences that are efficient and familiar, working with a partner who understands and mutually shares each assignee’s concerns and priorities.

Want to know more about the Graebel Certified-Fit program? Contact us today.

About the Author

Susan Fraser is Vice President, Client Services. Susan is a career veteran in moving and mobility. In 2017, she returned to Graebel Relocation Services Worldwide after the divestiture of Graebel Van Lines. Previously, Susan was a global program mobility manager at Microsoft Corporation. This experience and insight into global mobility gives Susan a deep understanding of the client’s needs. Her experience also provides incredible insight to assist both staff and customers with design, reporting and maintenance of mobility programs. Susan’s passion for people and talent management is a core strength for promoting teamwork, innovation and performance at an extremely high level within any organization. She holds the Worldwide ERC® Certified Relocation Professional (CRP®) and Global Mobility Specialist – Talent Mobility (GMS-T®) professional designations.

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