Graebel Companies, Inc. Expands Mobility Strategy Service

June 3, 2019

Mobility professionals can tap Graebel’s expertise, collaboration and hands-on tools to elevate their role and programs

Denver, Colo. (June 3, 2019) – Graebel Companies, Inc., a leading provider of talent and workplace mobility solutions, today expanded its consulting service that helps Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies imagine and introduce a tailored mobility strategy designed entirely around their business needs.

Graebel’s Mobility Strategy service responds to the needs of global mobility professionals who want to elevate their roles and programs. In fact, Graebel Global Mobility Summit research found mobility professionals today spend 80 percent of their time on reactive tasks such as managing administration and transactional or service issues*. However, they want to do more of the opposite – to spend 86 percent of their time on proactive work such as setting goals, measuring return on investment and enhancing relationships*.

That’s why Graebel expanded its Mobility Strategy service, to deliver an even more comprehensive suite of practical tools and collaborative practices, along with its proven expertise, to help mobility professionals demonstrate the full value of their program with a direct connection to their company’s business goals.

“We’re pleased to expand our Mobility Strategy service, which will help mobility professionals go beyond benchmarking and realize their goals of being more strategic and proactive,” says Tim O’Shea, vice president, mobility strategy at Graebel and leader of this service area. “Our Mobility Strategy tools, powered by feedback you can trust and expertise you can rely on, provide a unique experience that will transform companies’ mobility programs into a business advantage.”

As part of the service, Graebel consultants use hands-on strategic mapping tools to help mobility professionals get tangible information that can be shared with other key stakeholders and business leaders. The proprietary Graebel tools include:

  • Graebel Mobility PathBuilder®: The program has three steps – Mobility Strategy, Return on Mobility and Stakeholder Engagement – each of which build upon and complement each other. Graebel experts facilitate work sessions and guide mobility professionals through the program’s step-by-step roadmap, including defining the larger mobility story and the program’s business impact, and engaging key stakeholders to create ambassadors who can help influence program outcomes.
  • Graebel Mobility Quotient Insight®: This diagnostic tool measures stakeholder feedback across a broad set of functions and activities to uncover gaps, identify strengths and provide a clear, 360-degree view of a company’s mobility program performance. This allows Graebel to pinpoint how mobility professionals can use resources more efficiently and better align with larger business goals.

In addition, the Graebel Mobility Strategy team has decades of experience on both the provider and client side and can further guide a company’s mobility strategy by aligning best practices and industry trends with business needs and goals to:

  • Create and review mobility program policies
  • Offer change management planning
  • Guide internal communications and planning
  • Facilitate Voice of Customer focus groups and targeted surveys

Mobility practitioners can learn more about Graebel’s Mobility Strategy service at

*2018, 2019 Global Mobility Summit Survey (n=118)

About Graebel
Graebel Companies, Inc. is a leading provider of global talent and workplace mobility solutions for Fortune 500 and Global 1000 firms and their employees in 165 countries. Since its founding in 1950, Graebel has evolved, innovated and grown to deliver excellent service and results for clients, all while remaining family owned and focused on its duty of care. Graebel develops and implements mobility strategies that help companies attract and retain talent; respond faster to global market trends; and maximize return on mobility programs. The company addresses every part of the mobility lifecycle for employers and employees, including services for departure and move management, destination, settling-in and ongoing assignments. For more information, visit Here’s to the world ahead®

Read the Mobility Strategy press release here.

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