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Graebel Companies, Inc. – Update on 2015 divestiture from Graebel Van Lines

Here's to the world ahead

In 2015, Graebel Companies, Inc. divested Graebel Van Lines to focus exclusively on workforce mobility and workplace mobility. While both companies may have been referred to inaccurately in the past as “Graebel”, the purpose of this message is to provide greater clarity with respect to our organization.

It’s important to note that Graebel Van Lines is not affiliated in any way with Graebel Companies, Inc. including all our service lines: Graebel Relocation Services Worldwide, Graebel Commercial Services, Move Management, Inc., and Graebel Movers International, Inc. We are two separate companies with separate ownership and management.

Graebel Van Lines is no longer a business owned by us. If you are trying to reach them visit or call 877-488-3575.

We are here to help if you have questions: contact

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