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Mobility Topic Paper: Post-Brexit Immigration Challenges in the UK and EU

This topic paper explores some of the key challenges with UK-EU immigration post-Brexit and their impacts on global organizations and mobility managers.

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When the United Kingdom (UK) left the European Union (EU) in 2020, it set off a chain of financial, regulatory, social and economic impacts that are still being sorted today, including corporate mobility regulations and business travel policies between the two entities. In today’s post-Brexit world, there are restrictions on free movement of UK nationals within EU member states, and new immigration standards for companies sending EU nationals for work in the UK. All of this presents challenges in the world of mobility.

New UK- and EU-related immigration norms have resulted in internal challenges for mobility managers of global organizations who are now tasked with addressing them, often with little clarity, fewer resources and on top of the already extensive day-to-day responsibilities they’re in charge of. To help provide some transparency and resources to engage further, we’ve created a topic paper that explores some of the key challenges with UK-EU immigration post-Brexit and their impacts on global organizations and mobility managers. It also provides strategies and resources for mobility managers to get a handle on the immigration situation in the UK and EU.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll find in the topic paper:

  • Five factors creating added complexity when navigating the 27 EU Member Countries’ immigration systems
  • Four challenges EU nationals face when trying to work in the UK
  • The impacts these issues are creating for global businesses and particularly for mobility professionals
  • Three recommendations for how to better understand and manage the nuances of UK and EU immigration regulations
  • A list of resources to stay up to date on changing policies

While the challenge of staying on top of many immigration systems and changing regulations can seem overwhelming, business leaders and UK and EU government officials are collaborating to provide more clarity and additional resources to help mobility professionals find an easier path through the mountain of information.

Download our topic paper at the top of this page to learn more.

Remember, relocation providers can be a partner you can turn to when navigating the complexities of the new EU-UK immigration environment. They can leverage their years of experience, collaboration and an established supply chain network to provide answers and recommendations that meet your mobile employees’ specific needs, based on their situation and where they’re relocating to. To learn more about new immigration standards in the UK and EU, and how Graebel can partner with you on thoughtful and caring strategies, read our topic paper or connect with us by visiting our Contact Us page.