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Elevating “The Personal Side of Mobility” at the Graebel 2019 Relocation Alliance Conference

More than 200 of Graebel’s top service providers from around the globe accepted our invitation to come to Denver from October 8-10 to network, celebrate success, and collaborate on how we can continue to deliver exceptional service to transferees whose care is in our hands.

In a panel discussion led by CEO Bill Graebel, senior Mobility leaders from two of Graebel’s clients – Berna Anderson, Director of Global Mobility with Becton, Dickinson and Kelly Tracy, Manager of Global Mobility with Workday – shared their thoughts on what makes an exceptional transferee experience and described how outsourced relocation services must be consistent with their own value proposition of putting their employees first.

Through interactive polling, attendees indicated that “communication” was the most critical factor in providing exceptional experiences. Participants dug deeper into this topic in workshop sessions, uncovering ways to improve communication related to transferee information, client policies, move status and other matters.

Keynote speaker Dennis Snow reinforced these customer service principles. In 1994, Dennis launched a division of Disney Institute that works with major organizations around the world who want to emulate the “Disney Approach” to customer service. He since has formed Snow & Associates, Inc. to help organizations define and achieve their goals in that area.

At the close of the conference, we introduced the Graebel Partner Alliance program, which clearly defines the relationship between Graebel and its Partner companies. The program lays out mutual expectations and benefits of collaboration.

At the award ceremony and dinner on the 9th, we recognized our top partners for their excellence in service and partnership in the past year.

2019 Graebel Golden Globe Award Winners

Partnership Award
Recognizes the partner who exemplifies the principle of working together with the Graebel team, consistently and at multiple levels within the organization.

Pacesetter Achievement Award
Awarded to the partner who has shown a high degree of collaboration in promoting and securing new business opportunities with Graebel.

Environmental Stewardship Award
Recognizes the partner who demonstrates a unique commitment to sustainability. Effective programs incorporate many different facets of sustainability, from reducing carbon impact and consumption of electricity and natural resources, to encouraging recycling, carpooling and more.


Superior Quality Achievement Award – awarded to the partners achieving the highest scores as reported by Graebel transferees YTD for the current year.

Relocation Transferee Quality Award:

Move Management Transferee Quality Award:

International Transferee Quality Award:


Choice Awards
Awarded to the partners achieving the highest quality scores as reported by Graebel consultants and coordinators, based on scores for the current year.

Relocation Consultant’s Choice

Move Management Coordinator’s Choice

International Coordinator’s Choice


Workplace Services Awards

Account Manager Choice Awards – Awarded to the partner achieving the highest scores from the Graebel Account Management and Project Management teams.

Collaboration Award – Awarded to the partner who has shown a high degree of collaboration in promoting and securing new business opportunities.


Graebel’s success in delivering award-winning global relocation services has been a result of our strong relationships with quality partners around the world. Learn more about the Graebel Supplier Network.



About the Author

Andrew Pierce is Senior Vice President, Global Supplier Development. Andrew joined Graebel in 2013 and leads the Graebel global supplier development team, which manages all third-party vendor partnerships in relocation and moving services. He is responsible to the business and Graebel customers for the compliant sourcing and effective performance management of an extended supply chain encompassing more than 25 supplier categories and more than 165 countries. With more than 25 years of industry experience overlapping a successful career as a senior officer in the Canadian military, Andrew has a wealth of expertise in the key areas of supply chain management, organizational development, material management, distribution and logistics.

Profile Photo of Andrew Pierce