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Graebel helps global company expand its relocation program in record time

The Client

Publicly-traded global payments technology firm

  • Offers services in more than 200 countries


The Challenge

A global payments technology company decided it needed to engage a new relocation management company (RMC) but was concerned that this could lead to disruptions for team members preparing to relocate and those already in situations requiring ongoing RMC support.

The company chose to switch to Graebel, but made it very clear that Graebel would be expected to handle pending new initiations and take over assistance for on-assignment employees as soon as the ink was dry on the contract.

Best-practice RMC transitions typically call for a 30-day implementation period, but the incumbent RMC vendor had ceased initiation support and was uncooperative in transferring files. Further, while the client originally estimated there would be 100 immediate initiations, it quickly became apparent that Graebel would need to facilitate more than 250 initiations in 44 countries within the first 10 business days after the contract was signed.


The Project Summary

Assume immediate and complete responsibility for an ongoing relocation management program when the client’s former service provider was uncooperative and the client’s needs were dramatically expanding.


The Solution

Even before the contract was finalized, a Graebel senior vice president of operational excellence personally led executive-level meetings with the client to review policies and identify information gaps.

Once prices were negotiated, Graebel:

  • Hosted weekly webcasts to share and review policies and procedures and to train stakeholders to use Graebel’s Internet-based, award-winning globalCONNECT client portal technology
  • Placed implementation and operations managers onsite at no additional cost to the client
  • Reinforced the remote training with face-to-face sessions and personalized assistance

This highly-personalized hands-on support continued after the go-live date.


The Results

The client’s 254 initiations and 55 assignees were seamlessly supported quickly after the contract was signed. Since they were well-versed in the 18 separate policies, Graebel’s managers could accurately answer employee questions and diplomatically handle exception requests.


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