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Graebel Teams Worldwide ‘Walk the Walk’ to Make Sustainability a Reality

2018 Sustainability Report

From Shanghai to Prague, London to Denver and many points in between, we’re proud of our Graebel team members who contribute their energy and resources to support good causes in their communities. This is often done through group events and friendly competition – giving back while strengthening team bonds and connections.

Do Well by Doing Good

We support and challenge Graebel team members at all levels around the globe to apply our values of Truth, Love and Integrity – and put them into action in the workplace and in their professional interactions with our clients and community. Do Well by Doing Good is a mantra that we have seen our employees and partners rally behind to continually make a difference.

Through our Sustainability efforts, we constantly ask ourselves these important questions:

  • How well are we supporting and protecting human rights?
  • What are we doing to protect the rights of workers?
  • How are we striving to eliminate discrimination?
  • Are we doing all we can to protect the environment?
  • How are we ensuring our processes and activities are not only legal but ethical?
  • How are we giving back to our communities?

The UN Global Compact conducts an annual review process that addresses these matters and for the third consecutive year we compiled our efforts and submitted our Report to the United Nations.

<<Download our 2018-19 Sustainability Report>>

As we conducted this self-assessment, we discovered that when we create the opportunity for our people to do the right thing, they step up quickly and deliver with energy and creativity. Whether it’s implementing our Diversity & Inclusion program or supporting local food drives, our employees want to do the right thing on a global scale, and they want to help people in their communities. They also look for opportunities to have fun while doing good!

Graebel's Employees Doing Good

The unique nature of the mobility industry also puts us in a wonderful position to support certain non-profits – programs that rely on donations of food, furnishings and other items from relocating families, for example. Of course, lightening a transferee’s shipment in this way also reduces the energy consumed in their relocation experience.

Graebel Commitment: Aligning with the UN Global Compact

We also use another important standard to not only to evaluate how our people are applying those and other principles, but how well we’re living up to them as an organization. Those guidelines are found in the United Nations Global Compact, a voluntary initiative established in 2005 to create accountability at the CEO level to promote sustainability and support other UN goals.

For the past three years, we’ve taken the time to lay out our activities, policies and Corporate Responsibility Program side-by-side with the standards and ideals in the Compact to see how we measure up.

In this most recent annual evaluation, we also confirmed that our corporate policies related to human rights, equal opportunity, protecting the environment, dealing ethically with our stakeholders and respecting employee rights are in sync with the ideals laid out in the UN program.

But it’s our employees that make it all work. As Graebel Chairman and CEO, Bill Graebel, stated in his letter accompanying the submission, “Yes, our Management team sets some of the goals and priorities for Graebel’s corporate responsibility program. But just as much of that program is driven by our employees.”

So, as we say at Graebel, “Here’s to the world ahead.”  We’ll do our part to make it a healthy, fair and just world.

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