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A customized solution from Graebel meets the needs of a growing manufacturer

Northwest Hardwoods

  • Employs nearly 1,000 people in 14 facilities across the United States

“Graebel is easy to work with because we are working with experts. Our employees have the opportunity to interact and get advice and ongoing consultation which makes the experience enjoyable. Our CEO has had a great experience during his relocation as well, and it has allowed him to concentrate on his new position.”

– Brian Narramore, Vice President of Human Resources, Northwest Hardwoods


The Challenge

Northwest Hardwood’s employee relocation needs were growing steadily and it became clear to the Vice President of Human Resources that mobility matters were taking far too much of his time and attention. A new CEO was coming on board, relocating from South Carolina to Washington State, and this was the ideal time to transform the company’s in-house mobility program to an outsourced solution.


Project Summary

Transition to a fully outsourced relocation program and immediately facilitate the relocation of the company’s new CEO.


The Solution

Our consultants recommended that Northwest Hardwoods consider Graebel’s Express Relocation Service, with its simplified processes and it’s a la carte service menu covering nearly every relocation need the company might have. Thus, each relocation could be customized but the company would still have the benefit of a single point of contact with Graebel coordinating each step. The company agreed to sign on and, in short order:

  • We updated Northwest Hardwoods relocation policies—simplifying and refining them to be more cost-effective, competitive and reflect industry trends and best practices
  • The program was implemented based on a simplified eight-page agreement
  • Client portals were quickly established on our globalCONNECTTM technology platform featuring management oversight and assignee relocation support tools

The new CEO’s relocation from South Carolina took place shortly thereafter, featuring:

  • Home sale support
  • Mortgage assistance
  • Temporary housing arrangements > Expense management
  • Household goods shipment
  • Destination services


The Results

The CEO was the first of many successful relocations we’ve managed for Northwest Hardwoods. The company’s Human Resources team quickly and gratefully transitioned to the new outsourced arrangement that increased the overall productivity of the department as a whole. The company plans to expand overseas and we’re prepared to grow with them, instituting international services as soon as they’re needed.


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