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Ensuring Purpose-Driven Mobility

Highlights from the Graebel 2020 Partner Alliance Conference

A record number of Graebel’s top service providers from around the globe logged in for our digital Partner Alliance Conference held on October 19-20. During those two days, we celebrated successes and discussed our shared vision for exceeding the expectations of our customers in 2021 and beyond.

Current conditions required us to hold the meeting virtually, but we were very pleased to see the same high level of engagement and enthusiasm in the plenary and breakout sessions that we’ve experienced in our previous 19 face-to-face annual sessions.

SVP of Global Supplier Development Andrew Pierce welcomed the participants and thanked them for consistently going above and beyond to support our clients’ assignees during this very challenging year. Andrew recalled that at last year’s conference, we enhanced the Graebel Partner Alliance program based on the pillars of Performance, Knowledge, Innovation and Growth. He noted that our Alliance members truly lived up to those ideals in the face of the pandemic and economic challenges of 2020.

In his Opening Session remarks, CEO Bill Graebel also reflected on this unique year, including the company’s successes in the midst of those challenges. Thanks to strong partnerships, we recorded strong business growth and record-high satisfaction scores, all while opening three offices simultaneously outside of the U.S.

Bill was equally enthusiastic about the future of Mobility. “There are uncertainties in the marketplace moving forward, and no one has a crystal ball,” he acknowledged. “But I see that as a ‘level-setter’ in this industry. With a high-performing Graebel team and the world’s best suppliers, I say ‘Game on!’”

During a featured client panel discussion, a senior Mobility program leader from Amazon described how their company had been working with Graebel over the past year to identify the ideal balance of automation, technology and personal experience in every element of our Mobility service delivery model as we move forward. This critical theme carried over into a second client panel featuring Mobility professionals from IBM, Liberty Mutual and Vanguard.

On the second day, attendees dug deeper into these issues in break-out sessions where they explored the key elements that support Purpose-Driven Mobility.

“We hardly missed a beat by having this conference virtually,” Andrew explained. “We scheduled the sessions for the early morning hours U.S. time to make it easier for our Alliance Partners around the world to participate. And they certainly did – we could see and hear that they were very engaged from beginning to end. We’re very fortunate and grateful to be aligned with such high-performing companies who are eager to serve our mutual customers in the right way. Graebel was recently named the #1 major RMC in an industry poll and that’s as much a testament to our partners as it is to our own internal team.”

As always, a highlight of the conference was the Partner Alliance Excellence Awards ceremony. Throughout the two-day event, we recognized our top partners for their outstanding service and partnership in a variety of categories.


Congratulations to this year’s winners:

Superior Quality Achievement Awards – Recognizing the Partners in key service categories who demonstrate the highest level of service excellence in support of our clients as recorded in mobile employee surveys.

>    Relocation Services – Americas Winner: Corporate Living
Honorable Mention: CORT Destination Services

>    Relocation Services – EMEA / Asia Pacific Winner: Celtic Relocations
Honorable Mention: Expat International

>    Move Management Winner: Schiele Enterprises, Inc.
Honorable Mention: Daryl Flood

>    International Transportation Services Winner: Elite Moving Systems Ltd.
Honorable Mention: Transcontainer International


Graebel Choice Awards – Recognizing the Partners in key service categories who achieve the highest quality scores as reported by Graebel consultants, coordinators and account managers.

>    Relocation Services – Americas Winner: LARM
Honorable Mention: Impact Group

>    Relocation Services – EMEA / Asia Pacific Winner: Dwellworks, LLC
Honorable Mention: Welcomehome Relocations Inc.

>    Move Management Winner: Atlantic Relocation Systems
Honorable Mention: Budd Van Lines

>    International Transportation Services Winner: Yokohama System Mover
Honorable Mention: Worldwide Movers, Inc.


Compliance Excellence – Awarded to the Partner who demonstrates continuous commitment to compliance performance improvement throughout their organization.

>    Winner: ReloOlogy Inspection Management Services, LLC


Pacesetter Achievement Award – Honors the Partner who demonstrates the highest degree of collaboration in promoting Graebel to secure new business opportunities.

>    Winner: The Paxton Companies


Environmental Stewardship – Awarded to the Partner who demonstrates a unique commitment to sustainability innovation.

>    Winner: Relocation Africa (Pty) LTD


Fresh Ideas – A new award in 2020, to recognize a Partner who invests in an innovative business solution specifically tailored to enhance the experience for mobile employees and corporate mobility professionals.

>    Winner: RESIDE Worldwide Inc.


Outstanding Insights – Our second new award in 2020, to honor a Partner who invests time and resources in knowledge-sharing with the Graebel staff. The training provides current, relevant content that positively influences the customer experience, service efficiency, transparency, cost effectiveness and/or data management specific to global mobility processes.

>    Winner: LandPLUS Mobility Solutions PTE LTD


APEX Award – Our ultimate award recognizing the Partner who best embraces and exemplifies all four pillars and principles of the Graebel Partner Alliance program. This Partner works closely with Graebel teams consistently and at multiple levels within the organization.

>    Winner: Quicken Loans


The Graebel Commercial Services team also recognized their top Partners with the following:

Sales Collaboration Award – Awarded to the Partner with the highest degree of collaboration in promoting Graebel Commercial Services to secure new commercial business opportunities.

>    Winner: New World Van Lines
Honorable Mention:    Atlantic Relocation Systems


Performance Excellence Award – To recognize Partners who demonstrate the highest standard of service excellence in support of our commercial clients as reported by Graebel project and account managers.

>    Winner: Alexander’s Mobility Services
Honorable Mention:    Hilldrup



About the Author

Andrew Pierce is Senior Vice President, Global Supplier Development. Andrew joined Graebel in 2013 and leads the Graebel global supplier development team, which manages all third-party vendor partnerships in relocation and moving services. He is responsible to the business and Graebel customers for the compliant sourcing and effective performance management of an extended supply chain encompassing more than 25 supplier categories and more than 165 countries. With more than 25 years of industry experience overlapping a successful career as a senior officer in the Canadian military, Andrew has a wealth of expertise in the key areas of supply chain management, organizational development, material management, distribution and logistics.

Profile Photo of Andrew Pierce