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Year of the Mobile Employee: Midpoint Report

Graebel Earns Distinguished Customer Satisfaction Rankings and Continues Growth in 2021

Earlier this year, Graebel declared 2021 “The Year of the Mobile Employee.” At the halfway point for 2021, Graebel has kept the momentum going by earning higher-than-ever customer satisfaction rankings in international mobility research, publishing a forward-thinking State of Mobility report and expanding its relocation clients and offices purposefully. The findings from the reimagined State of Mobility and Graebel’s strategic growth and strong performance are key indicators of an optimistic picture for talent mobility.

Graebel’s People-First Mobility Approach Earns Industry Accolades
In Trippel Survey & Research LLC’s 2021 international research on relocation management companies’ performance and satisfaction, which surveyed more than 170 relocation managers, Graebel earned the highest score in Overall Satisfaction of all large RMCs. In addition to the leading Overall Satisfaction placement, Graebel performed well across the board, scoring higher than the industry average in almost every category and improving or maintaining its scores in every category compared with last year’s results. As Graebel evolves, it remains committed to improving year over year and investing in its people, technology and services. This dedication supports the company’s primary goal – going above and beyond to create exceptional experiences for clients and mobile employees.

State of Mobility Survey Proves the Global Mobility Industry Isn’t Slowing Down
Graebel surveyed 1,000 mobile employees across nine countries for the 2021 State of Mobility Survey and found that nearly 3 in 5 workers (59%) are more willing to relocate for work now than they were prior to the pandemic. In fact, 80% of workers said they would relocate during the pandemic, including 31% who would move internationally. Paradoxically, the pandemic opened a world of opportunity and the survey results prove workers are eager for new options through corporate relocation, despite COVID-19 concerns. Countries and borders will continue to re-open this year — and mobile employees will be ready to relocate with the support of industry-leading relocation management companies (RMCs).

Graebel Builds Scalable and Sustainable Talent Mobility
Graebel ended 2020 on a positive note with its strongest year of new business growth, and has been able to keep this momentum going into 2021. Much of the success in 2021 has been through expanding existing client services, many of which have been experiencing Graebel’s people-first mobility approach for years. Graebel’s proven ability to grow while still maintaining industry-leading levels of client satisfaction is based on its principle of understanding clients’ plans clearly, to plan for work in advance and coordinate support with its network of expert supplier partners.

Graebel has also welcomed several new clients in key industries, including:
Finance: A financial and personal credit organization
Technology: A global medical research and development company, and a technology and     electronic components company
Transportation: An international automotive and commercial truck dealerships company
Commercial Real Estate: A global building and industrial materials company

To support the new business growth, and this year’s anticipated “double peak season” (due to the wave of COVID-19 postponed relocations), Graebel is focused on scalable and sustainable talent management to maintain service excellence for both existing and new clients. Graebel’s principle of growing purposefully guides the company to invest continually in attracting and retaining the best people to take care of clients. Graebel remains committed to helping clients navigate ongoing challenges from the past year and upcoming double peak season, including proactively addressing the global household goods shipping crisis, the low U.S. housing inventory, and other prominent shortages affecting the relocation industry.

Graebel is experiencing growth in every corner of the world, most recently in its Houston and India locations. Its India office is scaling for upcoming increased volume in this region according to client strategies and plans. Meanwhile, its Houston office is now home to its LATAM Core Team, which is made up of experienced talent mobility professionals who have lived and worked in Latin America. Global business is booming throughout Latin America and Graebel’s team is well equipped for care in this region through specialized, first-hand knowledge.

Contact us to learn more about the 2021 State of Mobility Survey, the market research report and why the world’s leading companies choose Graebel to provide their global relocation services.