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Graebel’s zero-defect audit process saves U.S. Government more than $1 million

The Client

Numerous U.S. government agencies


The Challenge

U.S. government agency auditors review all types of invoices for a tremendous range of products and services. Unfortunately, often they don’t have sufficient training or expertise to evaluate invoices related to certain aspects of relocation services— especially when they involve complex matters such as tariff issues. As a result, errors, abuse and even fraud in government relocation programs can go undetected.

Our counselors work directly with government employees to explain allowances and restrictions and they gather necessary information up front to save time and costs.


Project Summary

Manage household goods movement for government employees in accordance with GSA-approved regulations and management guidelines. Conduct thorough invoice reviews for all services related to U.S. domestic and international moves to ensure there is no overbilling.


The Solution

Our move management counselors have an average of five years of experience in the moving industry and they’re intimately familiar with GSA policies and the provisions of the Federal Travel Regulation (FTR).

These counselors also coordinate with our audit team to manage our proprietary Zero- Defect Audit Process, in which we meticulously review submitted receipts and supplier work records. The process includes many safeguards and protocols to ensure payments are compliant. Invoices and requests for reimbursement are reviewed for:

  • Supporting documentation
  • Accuracy of bill rates
  • Accuracy of storage and shipment dates
  • Accuracy of all moving-related service charges
  • Accuracy of bills of lading and shipment weights
  • A comparison of actual charges to the pre-move estimates


The Results

The key to the success of our audit program is the close collaboration between our move managers and our auditors. Between the two, they compile a transparent record that drives our invoice audit process.

This system has proved to save our clients hundreds or even thousands of dollars per move. In fact, in a seven-year analysis of GSA activity, we identified move discrepancies, and subsequently withheld payments, that saved the government just over $1 million.


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