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Graebel synchronizes client’s multiple, short-notice group moves, saving tens of thousands of dollars

The Client

Fast-growing Silicon Valley global technology company

  • Employs 2,500 people worldwide


The Challenge

This young, fast-growing company was rapidly expanding its international footprint through mergers and acquisitions. The organization was poised to implement six relatively complex international group moves over a 12-month period. Due to the competitive nature of its industry, the company had to keep the relocations confidential for as long as possible—they could provide Graebel only 42 days of notice on average for each project.

Three of the group moves involved short-term assignments, sending employees from the U.S. (with varying arrival and return dates) to initiate operations in Brazil, India and Singapore. The other three teams were permanently relocating to the U.S. from Amsterdam, Serbia and Israel.


Project Summary

Coordinate all aspects of six off-shore group relocations, totaling 50 employees, with an average of just 42 days of advance notice for each. Half of the relocations were permanent moves into the U.S. and the others were for short-term assignments to three locations around the world.


The Solution

Graebel assigned one team to handle all six moves. Upon receiving each assignment, the team:

  • Collaborated with the client to develop detailed plans
  • Held weekly calls with the key stakeholders (including Human Resources and the company’s mergers and acquisitions representatives) to share information, discuss move status, and gain on-the-spot approval for any exceptions
  • Formed project-specific teams of Graebel global partner companies to handle local moving activity
  • Worked with one of its preferred visa and immigration service providers to ensure these personal documents were in order for the assignees and their family members
  • Engaged Graebel’s international freight forwarding division to consolidate each group’s shipments, requiring extensive coordination but resulting in significantly lower costs

Graebel coordinated rotational, shared housing arrangements in Brazil, India and Singapore through its vetted, local destination service providers. This allowed the company to take advantage of long-term lease rates while employees rotated in and out of the high-quality housing.

Many overseas local landlords had limited access to email, and in these cases Graebel’s on-the-ground partners executed amendments face to face, resulting in cost savings of more than $2,000 per renter.


The Results

Graebel synchronized every aspect of these projects and proactively found solutions when fast-changing, complex issues arose. Thanks to the coordinated and consolidated shipping solution, the company’s shipping costs were reduced by 30 percent.


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