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2023 Annual State of Mobility Report: How Employee Relocation Adds Value for Businesses

Key themes point to how talent mobility sets up companies to thrive in an era of global uncertainty

This year’s annual State of Mobility Report explores how talent mobility creates value and drives long-term success for both companies and employees’ careers by asking mobile employees questions like:

  • How has your relocation benefitted your employer?
  • What benefits are created by relocating employees for businesses over hiring locally?
  • How does relocation give your company a competitive advantage?
  • What are the top outcomes that you have experienced personally or professionally because of your relocation?

So, what did the research uncover? Talent mobility proves to be a valuable asset for businesses looking for a leg up on their competition and who want to position themselves for success amidst cost-cutting measures, efficiency improvements and doing more with less.

 View the full interactive 2023 State of Mobility Report which includes:

  • Insights from mobile employees on how to build stronger mobility programs, as well as how their relocations benefitted their companies and careers
  • An interactive map that dives deeper into the survey findings by embarking on unique relocation journeys with five mobile employees. These stories highlight the diverse relocation journeys of individuals from all walks of life, ranging from interns to executives, traversing both domestic and international borders. They also go beyond logistics, capturing the ways in which cultural norms and personal identities shape mobile employees’ relocation experiences, with scenarios like:
    1. Developing future leaders through strategic assignments
    2. Supporting mobile employees during their settling-in phase to boost productivity
    3. Building an organization’s talent pipeline through positive intern assignments
    4. Leveraging mobile talent to drive company growth
    5. Understanding negative ROI impacts when relocations fail

Start exploring how to add value to your business through strategic talent mobility and build stronger mobility programs to create successful relocations.

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