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On the Go Is Here to Stay: Talent Mobility Adds Value in Tough Economy

Prioritizing talent mobility builds long-term success, supports business goals, say 99% of mobile employees

Denver, Colo. (June 28, 2023) – In today's ever-changing business landscape, companies must continuously analyze their strategies and initiatives to cultivate organizational success and proactively adapt to evolving workforce dynamics. Among these factors, talent mobility emerges as a strategic imperative. In fact, according to a new survey of 850 mobile employees in seven global markets by Wakefield Research for Graebel Companies, Inc., 99 percent of mobile employees say talent mobility benefits their company.

Cost-cutting measures and efficiency improvements have become crucial in the current economic climate, and businesses are being required to reduce expenditures, optimize resources and do more with less. However, this shift also means that organizations are directing their attention toward gaining and preserving a competitive edge to position themselves for success despite global economic and socio-political uncertainty.

According to employees who have relocated for corporate assignments, talent mobility can support these goals, as the function’s value extends far beyond the tactical logistics of moving employees around the world. Key insights in the 2023 Annual State of Mobility Report found the benefits to businesses include:

  • Gaining a Competitive Edge: 98 percent of mobile employees say that talent mobility gives their company some degree of competitive advantage over organizations that don’t relocate employees. The top reasons why?
    • More specialized talent in new markets than competitors (40 percent)
    • Reduced time spent getting up and running in a new market (40 percent)
    • The ability to attract more and better talent due to potential for relocation (38 percent)
  • Benefitting the Bottom Line: 99 percent of mobile employees say talent mobility provides employer benefits, with the top benefits being:
    • Developing relationships with colleagues that makes teams more cohesive (39 percent)
    • Building employees who are better prepared to help the company grow (39 percent)
    • Creating employees who have broader knowledge of markets where the company does business (37 percent)
    • Enabling colleagues to benefit both from the expertise mobile employees brought to the new location and what the mobile employee learned while there (37 percent)
  • Providing Functional Value: Mobile employees see the value of talent mobility in supporting a variety of business goals, including:
    • Ability to bring specialized talent where it is needed most (43 percent)
    • Ability to select diverse and qualified candidates across locations (41 percent)
    • Ensures that company culture is maintained globally and locally (40 percent)
  • Building Employee Loyalty: Talent mobility supports companies’ talent retention goals:
    • The vast majority of mobile employees (85 percent) agree their company’s investment in relocation makes them more loyal
    • In fact, 80 percent are more likely to remain with their company long-term because the company invested in their relocation

"As companies strive to gain every possible business and talent advantage, global mobility is a powerful part of their toolkit," said Joe Jackson, Head of Account Management at Graebel, a leading provider of global talent mobility solutions for some of the most recognizable brands in the world. "The survey reinforces that talent mobility is far more than just a logistical process —it’s a strategic investment in a company’s long-term success and is in the best interest of companies’ bottom lines and overall business objectives. At Graebel, we’re committed to enabling our clients to achieve purpose-driven growth, helping them align talent mobility with overall company mission and vision.”

Mobile employees say that talent mobility delivers significant value for their careers, as well:

  • 84 percent believe they would not have advanced in their career as quickly if they didn’t relocate
  • 74 percent believe relocated employees are more likely to be put on a track to be promoted to company leadership
  • 83 percent agree that relocated employees are less likely to be laid off
  • The top outcomes mobile employees experienced because of their relocation include:
    • Increased salary (48 percent)
    • New knowledge and skills acquired (43 percent)
    • Expanded professional network (42 percent)

“These findings reinforce that by investing in strategic mobility programs, organizations can further demonstrate their commitment to their employees' growth and development, which can lead to increased loyalty and performance,” Jackson said. “This symbiosis translates into tangible outcomes, including faster career advancement, improved retention rates and a competitive talent pool that can overcome unexpected challenges. By enabling mobile employees to expand their skills, knowledge and networks through relocation, companies can build a more globally-minded workforce that will propel future success.”

View the full 2023 State of Mobility Report, which also includes input from mobile employees on how to build stronger mobility programs. Additionally, delve deeper into the survey findings with an interactive map that follows five mobile employees on their unique relocation journeys.

About the Survey
The Graebel Relocation Survey for Graebel’s 2023 Annual State of Mobility Report was conducted by Wakefield Research between April 21st and May 1st, 2023, among 850 employees who have experienced a corporate relocation in the following markets: US, UK, Germany, Singapore, India, China Tier 1 Cities, and Brazil. The survey was conducted using an email invitation and an online survey.

About Graebel
Graebel Companies, Inc. is a leading provider of global talent mobility solutions for some of the most recognizable brands in the world and their employees in 165 countries. Since its founding in 1950, Graebel has innovated and grown to deliver excellent relocation service and results for clients, all while remaining family-owned and focused on people-first mobility. With custom technology solutions, Graebel develops and implements mobility strategies that help companies attract and retain talent; respond faster to global market trends; maximize return on mobility programs; and create exceptional experiences that make global talent mobility more humane and as seamless as possible. As a full-service relocation management company (RMC), Graebel addresses every part of the mobility lifecycle for employers and employees, including services for departure and move management, destination, settling-in and ongoing assignments. For more information, visit Here’s to the world ahead®.