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Graebel Appoints Matt Brownlee Chief Operating Officer

As Graebel Companies, Inc. evolves and grows, so does its leadership team. Matt Brownlee was recently appointed chief operating officer, responsible for customer experience and business success. Ron Dunlap remains president, continuing a leadership evolution which began in 2019 when he took on an expanded leadership role, and Bill Graebel continues to lead the family-owned company as chairman and CEO.

“Graebel Companies has a strong history of innovating and evolving to meet the needs of the mobile employee of the future,” said Bill Graebel. “These leadership changes are just one way we’re preparing for the world ahead, to ensure we continue providing exceptional experiences for all Graebel employees, clients and mobile employees.”

In his 25-year global mobility career, Brownlee has led various accounting, expense, compensation, support services and operational teams. He began his Graebel career in 2015 as senior vice president, business strategy, rising to executive vice president of service delivery. His significant impact with optimizing organizational processes led him to COO, overseeing operations and account management, transportation services, supplier development, pricing and contracts, enterprise excellence, training delivery and more.

Guided by its strategic plan and steady leadership, Graebel continues to prioritize and grow its:

  • Exceptional Customer Service: Graebel puts people first, from the clients and mobile employees served to the Graebel employees who care for them and deliver exceptional experiences. Graebel will continue to assess and build through its people, processes and technology to strengthen its people-first approach to global mobility — one that is recognized internationally as industry-leading.
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Actions: Graebel continues to bring DEI to the forefront of its organization and is committed to creating an inclusive experience for employees, partners, clients and mobile employees. Keep an eye out for its upcoming Women in Leadership series, which highlights the voices and stories of Graebel’s women leaders.
  • Financial Strength: Graebel has achieved strong growth in 2021 and is managing this growth by expanding its relocation clients and offices purposefully. In doing so, Graebel has strategically positioned resources to support some of the world’s largest and most recognized companies and brands.
  • People-First Technology: Graebel continues to make significant investments in its technology to ensure data compliance and security, transform service offerings and ultimately revolutionize the relocation experience. Compliance and data security are critical parts of global mobility, as Graebel supports over 70,000 relocations a year in more than 165 countries, each requiring an understanding of every rule and regulation in the various countries, while prioritizing mobile employee and company data protection.

As Graebel navigates market changes and business opportunities for clients and mobile employees, its leadership team is a strong example of flexibility and following the company’s values of truth, love and integrity to create exceptional experiences. Here’s to the world ahead®.