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Graebel Companies, Inc. Launches New Talent Mobility Web Experience

The new digital experience redefines what a website can be

Denver, Colo. (November 10, 2021) – Graebel Companies, Inc., a leading provider of global talent and workplace mobility solutions for some of the world’s largest and most recognized brands, today launched its new talent mobility web experience. The interactive online space serves as a community and educational hub for learning and self-education where visitors will gain insights on talent mobility and learn more about Graebel’s strategic support for corporate global mobility programs and mobile employees.

“The new web experience was designed with the entire global mobility community in mind; anyone and everyone can find something of value on it,” said Bill Graebel, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Graebel Companies, Inc. “Our goal was to create a global mobility gathering place, one that aims to educate and inform through engaging pages, worthwhile content and a personalized experience for everyone, whether they’re new to the industry or a veteran.”

Graebel is committed to people-first mobility, which puts people at the heart of every interaction by taking the time to understand clearly and to care deeply about what matters most to them so that they can ultimately grow purposefully. This people-first approach is reflected throughout the site, as back-end technology creates tailored and exceptional experiences with each visit, just like Graebel team members provide with every human interaction.

Important new features include:

  • Comprehensive Mobility Program Health Assessment: A free, all-inclusive assessment with downloadable results for users to identify the current state of their talent mobility program and find areas where they may be able to improve.
  • Immersive “Pursuit of Exceptional” Journey: An engaging online experience that takes users through exceptional moments of the relocation process with Graebel.
  • Personalized Insights Section: The redesigned Insights section will provide the same valuable content and information, but now will be tailored to what each visitor is most interested in, suggesting content specific to their needs.
  • Enhanced Workplace Mobility Site: This creates a dedicated site for workplace relocation projects.
  • User-Friendly Chatbot: This non-invasive, friendly guide gives visitors the option of a frictionless, more personable way to connect, which will offer to answer people’s questions and quickly direct them to contacts or useful resources on the site.

Visit to explore the new features and experience people-first mobility in a fresh, original and engaging way.

About Graebel

Graebel Companies, Inc. is a leading provider of global talent and workplace mobility solutions for some of the worlds largest and most recognized brands and their and their employees in 165 countries. Since its founding in 1950, Graebel has innovated and grown to deliver excellent relocation service and results for clients, all while remaining family-owned and focused on people-first mobility. With custom technology solutions, Graebel develops and implements mobility strategies that help companies attract and retain talent; respond faster to global market trends; maximize return on mobility programs; and create exceptional experiences that make global talent mobility more humane and as seamless as possible. As a full-service relocation management company (RMC), Graebel addresses every part of the mobility lifecycle for employers and employees, including services for departure and move management, destination, settling-in and ongoing assignments. For more information, visit Here’s to the world ahead®.