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The Annual State of Mobility Report 2020 is here: View the Report

The Annual State of Mobility Report 2020

For the third year and counting, we captured the Diverse Thinking and Unified Mobility Goals of our industry with contributions from more than 280 participants, 181 companies and 20 countries. This collaboration and knowledge-sharing helped shape this year’s Annual State of Mobility Report.

In this year’s edition, we consulted with Mobility industry thought leaders and analysts, tapped leading independent sources and influencers outside of the industry, and used findings from insideMOBILITY® event surveys to give you a more comprehensive view of the Global Mobility industry. All this helps you build the best strategy and gain a measurable return on your Talent Mobility programs.

Our goal is to help you make more informed business decisions and create exceptional experiences for your employees. In The Annual State of Mobility Report:

  • Survey data findings – stay on top of trends in tax and immigration compliance, budgeting and employee experience, among others
  • Global spotlights – see how regional trends shape Mobility worldwide
  • Future Mobility – read about technology advancements, blockchain and other forward-looking news
  • Best Practices & Trends – Core-flex, “Gig” workers, diversity & inclusion… it’s all here!

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